Medical Student Feedback

- Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Medical Student Feedback

My experience at WACHS has been above and beyond my expectations with rife opportunity for professional development. From day one we were welcomed by every staff member of the practice whether it be from reception to the cleaners, and treated as an equal member of the team. Something that I've loved at WACHS is the responsibility given to us, with certain days spent running the clinic or being entrusted with drawing up COVID-19 injections. It's been great feeling useful to the team as a medical student. I take away from WACHS valuable knowledge in my experience of witnessing a community based approach to holistic medicine and a greater ability to approach the health needs of Indigenous patients. In the survey project we conducted whilst here it became overwhelmingly obvious the appreciation that patients have for the health service here and the staff that run it. After my time here I can see why. Kind regards, James

My time at WACHS is one I'll always cherish. From our introduction to our departure the staff and community made our time such a welcoming and enjoyable experience. Within the week we were given the opportunity to participate in a range of activities, working with multiple health professionals in various fields. We gained valuable exposure to holistic medicine and how it can be implemented to create an inclusive and respectful culture for the community. I appreciated the level of trust WACHS had in us, guiding us from one-on-one teaching to eventually taking responsibility for various procedures and duties (covid vaccines, injections, wound care). We valued the level of support we received regarding our education in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, traditions, and health care which was delivered to us by our team leaders, valued staff members and those within the community. We loved being able to take part in staff experiences and felt like we were truly included within the WACHS family. Thank you for having us, Dilan

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