Workforce Development - Successful Onboarding of Four Trainees

- Monday, June 22, 2020

Workforce development is a key area of WACHS strategic vision and through an assessment of current workforce and financial capacity WACHS has been successful in onboarding four (4) trainees to complete 12 months of blended learning and workplace experience.

3 of the trainees are commencing studies in Certificate IV Aboriginal Health Worker – Primary Healthcare and 1 trainee is undertaking Certificate IV Accounting and Bookkeeping. Work placements will be across the Maxwell St clinic service and program streams and the Warne St Corporate Hub finance and community program streams.

WACHS is extremely proud to be able to self-fund these positions and further demonstrate the commitment to building our workforce with local talent.

Pictured are Darren Green from WACHS and Trainees – Shannon, Kathryn, Amekah and Ethan.

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