Maxwell Street Newsletter Stories - March 2019

- Thursday, April 18, 2019

Maxwell Street clinic has been undergoing some revamping to make the clinic more culturally inviting and appropriate.

Thanks to local artist Douglas Ah-See who has allowed us to use his artwork to create a digital wallpaper to use in the front reception area. It is a great addition to the building and a must see for the community!

We have welcome some new staff also, Troy Peckham – Transport Officer, Kacee Ryan – New Direction Aboriginal support worker, Kristy Lee Cornish- Medical receptionist returning from maternity leave after welcoming a beautiful baby boy!

Aidan Ryan and Denise Barwick have recently completed their Aboriginal Health Practitioner training and are now registered with AHPRA.

Aidan is also supporting visiting Pharmacist Fiona Ryan to do Home Medicine reviews in the community.

Once referrals are made by GP, Aidan will then organise to come out to patient’s home with Fiona and review medication. As a new incentive for patients once, this is completed with GP patient they will then receive a $40 fruit and veg voucher. Please call Aidan at the clinic for further details.



Clinic are also involved in National Bowel Screening Pilot that is just been rolled out across Australia.

Staff received training and will now be able to dispense bowel kits and support eligible patients to have national bowel screenings completed.

WE have also just had our second visit from Cardiologist Dr Katrina Adorini who has been busy seeing WACHS patients. Dr Adorini will continue to visit every second month.

Through Trauma, comes something amazing!

- Thursday, April 18, 2019

Maayu Mali resident Stephan Harris from Ivanhoe, NSW has been through the residential rehabilitation centre for 3 months. He expresses that through all the trauma and abuse of drug & alcohol he has adapted to using Art as a form of therapy to “help him get through the pain”.

He started painting in Jail 2 years ago to “keep his mind off things” and he has learnt from a local Wellington Elder how to draw traditional people, places and spirits. These paintings are highly noticed throughout the centre and wider community of Moree. Furthermore Stephan has entered in many art competitions in the past year and results have been amazing.

He has designed the 2019 Ella 7s Jersey for the local Moree team ‘Mehi Warriors’- where they will be displayed in the upcoming competition in March. He says that the story on this jersey is about the local totem and the traditional Ibis dance.

He wants to achieve more in his art therapy back home in Ivanhoe by creating more artworks for communities to put on their jerseys and get the work in the public eye.

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