ANFPP Graduation 2020 - Tiarrah & Lesley

Tiarrah and Lesley began their ANFPP journey in May 2017 and welcomed their baby girl Ahlainah into the world on the 8th of December 2017. Tiarrah and Lesley graduated from the ANFPP program in February 2020.

Throughout Tiarrah’s time on the program, she has remained committed to giving Ahlainah the greatest start to life. We have watched Tiarrah grow and achieve many goals as an individual and as a Mother during the course of two and a half years. Tiarrah has shown us many strengths within herself such as humour, confidence and resilience even when she did not see them herself.

Ahlainah is a bright, bubbly, playful and talkative 2 year old, we cannot imagine what is destined for her future. You have given your best to provide all you can to your now family of four, as well as sharing these special moments with us, your ANFPP team.

Thank you for sharing your first years of your Motherhood and Fatherhood journeys with your ANFPP Team, we will cherish these. We wish your family all the best with the future, we are sure you will continue to grow and strive.

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