ANFPP Graduation 2019 - Jodie & Scott

Jodie began her ANFPP journey in June 2017, with her and partner Scott welcoming their daughter Ivy into the world on September 12th 2017. Jodie graduated from the program in September this year.

Throughout Jodie’s time with ANFPP, she has remained committed to providing the best for her daughter while also achieving goals of her own. Jodie, Scott and Ivy have given us the pleasure of watching them grow as a family and share in the journey of Ivy’s first 2 years of life. Ivy’s happy, clever, humorous and cheeky personality is a testament to the wonderful parents they are.

We thank Jodie for giving us the opportunity to witness your growth and achievements throughout your time on the program and sharing your lives with us. We wish you all the very best for your future!

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