WACHS Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023

Wednesday 25 Nov 2020

The WACHS Board has invested into its workforce to redesign, develop and create implementation tools for the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan. This significant investment reinforces WACHS’s commitment to the community-controlled health sector and Aboriginal self-determination, by demonstrating leadership in governance through community engagement, workforce development and outcome driven partnerships as a strategic commitment to improving health outcomes for the communities of whom we work.

Taking control of the 2020-2023 strategic plan process allows for;

  • Organisation ownership and responsibility of the strategic direction for the next 3 years across all services, programs and locations
  • Reduction of the financial and workforce burden on the organisation
  • The strengthening of partnerships through input and involvement to align health priorities that have been determined by our data and community feedback

Focusing on leadership, WACHS’s aspiration for the strategic plan is also in concert with the “Closing the Gap” reforms to localize the way in which we contribute across the 16 socio-economic indicators through;

  • Improving formal partnerships and decision making
  • Ensuring we are integral to building the community control sector
  • Providing constructive, measurable learning activities to assist in transforming government organisations and
  • Creating processes for ethical and transparent data sharing

The WACHS 2020-2023 is anticipated to be released formally in February 2021.

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