WACHS Planning Day

Wednesday 08 May 2019

The Clinic Team held its day planning workshop 3rd May 2019. The planning days involved the design and construction of a strategic program that addressed a range of topics determined in consultation with the Clinic Team, Clinic Team leader and Executive. The primary aim of the consultations was to design and construct a process which functioned to successfully trigger a more strategic approach to service planning and program delivery.

The consultations provided insight into the current management processes, service delivery processes and activities, communication flow and the appetite for positive change within the team to raise the standard of operating procedures to enhance health and wellbeing outcomes for the community.

The process for planning were set via consultation and included;

  • QIP outcomes and recommendations
  • Communication
  • Issues management
  • Program/project proposal development
  • Strategic planning for the team
  • Calendar of events
  • Training calendar/training options
  • Partnerships/relationship
  • Brand development
  • Work plans

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