Tackling Indigenous Smoking focus at Wello v Macquarie game

Tuesday 13 Jun 2017

The Quit B Fit Tackling Indigenous Smoking program is proud to collaborate with Wellington Cowboys and Macquarie Rugby League clubs to promote living smoke-free.

The game, at Kennard Park Wellington this Saturday will be preceded with League Tag which kicks off at 2pm. “Quit B Fit has sponsored the first grade jerseys for the match, with the aim of promoting smoke-free homes, cars and communities,” said Quit B Fit team leader, Chris Ah See.

“We aim to provide information and education on the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, in particular; highlighting the effects of second and third hand smoke,” he said.

As a major sponsor of Wellington Cowboys Rugby League Football Club, Quit B Fit have set up designated smoking areas at every home game and encourage spectators to use these.

“Quit B Fit encourages the community to say hi to them on game day and learn about referral pathways for those who wish to quit or seek smoking cessation advice.

“The Quit B Fit team will be there to provide advice and there will be educational announcements about the effects of tobacco smoke throughout the day,” Mr Ah See said.

“With the recent statistics released around smoking for the Wellington community, it is important that we provide the community with information to help them make more informed health choices.

“There are direct links between smoking and many chronic illnesses and we hope by having a strong presence within the community, we will be able to assist in reducing chronic illness and smoking rates.”

Keep an eye out for Cowboys players spreading the Quit B Fit – Living Smoke free message on social media really soon @quitbfit #quitbfit

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