Meet The Team - Luci Spora

Monday 09 Dec 2019

How long have you been working at WACHS?

I am a fairly new employee at WACHS as I have only been with the service since the middle of August 2019.

What is your current role at WACHS?

I am employed part time (4 days a week) as one of the Speech Pathologists with the ACTT team in Dubbo, at the HUB.

What made you decide to join our team?

I have worked as a Speech Pathologist servicing the Dubbo and outlying communities, in both private and public health sectors over the last 30 years. I love to work in rural and remote communities as part of a multidisciplinary team for the benefit of our children and their families. My passion has always been to work with children and their families to close the gap and assist them in accessing health services; especially Speech Pathology. Providing Speech Pathology services to children in their early years maximizes their opportunities to communicate, learn and achieve lifelong outcomes alongside their peers. By working in WACHS and as part of a team I am able to expand the reach of the services I can deliver to children of the Dubbo community.

What is the best part of your job?

I love being a Speech Pathologist working on the frontline, helping children get the best start in life in the early years so that when they start school they are the same level playing field as other children starting school. I love to work collaboratively with my team, other educational staff, families and agencies, like the Hear our Heart Bus to ensure that our children thrive in the school system and continue to develop and achieve in their lifelong learning.

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