Graham Blackhall

How long have you been on the board?

3-4 Years

What are your Qualifications?

Government/Board of Studies Accreditation;

  • Modules with Primary Education at University, Home School Liaison Training (policies and procedures), Child Protection Training, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI), Keep Them Safe, Mind Matters, Cert III in Juvenile Justice, Working with Children, Resuscitation, First Aid, Disability Standards for Education, Anaphylaxis e-training, e-Emergency care, Bridges out of Poverty training, Collaborating for a Better Future training Wellbeing Forums

Sporting Accreditation;

  • Coaching Accreditation - Rugby League, Level 2 & NSW Touch Football, Talent and Foundation levels, NSW Touch Selector, Level 4, Country Rugby League First Aid Officer, Country Rugby League Referee

What relevant work experience do you have?

  • Aboriginal Student Liaison Officer - Department of Education 2006 - 2016, Juvenile Justice Officer - Department of Corrective Services, Security Guard - Wellington Security Services, Athlete and Development Officer with Newcastle Knights, Aboriginal Education Officer with Wellington Public School.
  • Volunteer with Wellington Cowboys Junior Rugby League club (president 2008-2016, Coach 2008-2016, League Safe, First Aid Officer, Referee & other duties required) & Senior Rugby League (coach Women League Tag, 2000 & 2004 - Under 18's, 2006 reserve Grade, 2009 & 2010 1st Grade)
  • Volunteer with Wellington Touch Football Association (President 2006-2010, coach, selector, player and other duties required)
  • Volunteer with Wellington Council Sporting group
  • Volunteer with Group 11 Junior Rugby League (2016 Coach Under 16's)
  • Hornets (Touch Football) Regional Coach in 2007-2008 Under 14s

What life experience do you have?

Where are you from? Wellington

Who are you? I am a proud Wiradjuri male who was born in raised in the Valley of Wellington. Throughout my journey I have experienced many different people, communities, agencies, colleagues and relatives. In my life, I have become an athlete with many Wellington Sporting agencies as a junior and senior, represented at regional and state levels with sporting achievements.

Who is your mob? I am a member of a family with 3 older siblings and 2 loving and caring parents. My father has an Aboriginal heritage.

What community involvement or experience do you have? Throughout my life, working as a team, an identity mentor, role model and community member has allowed me to build & develop a relationship that ensured positive safe, stronger, smarter relationship with the community members, elders, events and fundraising to support the community.

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